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Marta and Matej Sutora Adelaide Fringe 2024
"Classical Music Gems 2024: A series of concerts featuring enchanting romantic compositions"

Marta & Matej Sutora of the Adelaide Virtuosi Trio are pleased to announce another exceptional evening of music, featuring a new selection of inspiring compositions.

Imaginative and breathtaking 12 violin duets by Reinhold Gliere showcase the expressive power of two violins. From introspective melodies to lively dances, these compositions capture a range of emotions. With rich harmonies and technical challenges, they highlight the beauty and versatility of the violin. A testament to Gliere's craftsmanship and the art of musical expression.

Passionate emotional rhythms and rich harmonies in Bela Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances portray the essence of European folk music. Bartok's genius shines through the celebration of cultural heritage. This time you can listen to them in an arrangement for two violins.

We will also feature something Slovak. Marián Budoš, a Slovak-Australian music composer dedicated to us a brand new wonderful music piece. Captivating Echoes for Two Violins flourish with Slovak folk motifs.

These and other musical gems are waiting for you to enjoy.

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