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Marta and Matej Sutora Adelaide Fringe 2023
"Classical Music Gems: Adelaide Virtuosi Trio presents a series of concerts with romantic delights"

Join us for an unforgettable musical journey through the romantic era with the Adelaide Virtuosi Trio. This time, the concert will feature the violin duet of Marta and Matej Sutora, who will guide you through the rich and emotive world of 19th century music.

Dvořák's 'Miniatures' will come to life as Marta and Matej perform it with great expression and energy. Representing French Romanticism, the concert introduces the virtuosic yet gentle and slinky violin duet No.3 of Bériot's 'Duos Concertante' as well as other elegant pieces that reveal the subtleties of the era.

The concert will also feature world-premiere instrumentation of Zeljenka's 'Musica Slovaca', Skoryk's 'Melody' from a famous movie, and Kats-Chernin's Tango in Aussie style. The Adelaide Virtuosi Trio promises an afternoon of diverse and captivating music that will leave you wanting more.

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