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We warmly invite you to our concert in Balmain Town Hall in Sydney

Let us take you on a journey through a colourful variety of masterpieces from famous European composers. Immerse yourself in lyrical meditations and cheer up with delightful romances and serenades.


You can look forward to hearing Romantic miniatures from Dvořák, meditations from Bach, Schubert, Caccini and Massenet, sensual Vocalise from Rachmaninoff, or eccentric Old Viennese Dances from Kreisler. But also to Musica Slovaca - an instrumental ode to traditional Slovak folk tunes composed by Ilja Zeljenka and two beautiful compositions from Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk.


And that's still not all.

Come and enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon with a selection of well-known classical music pieces performed by two violins.

Marta and Matej Sutora Lunchtime Concert Balmain Sydney 2022
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